Fit Your Snow Chains

Do not apply chains until directed by Lake Mountain Staff!

Easy way to fit snow chains

Chain Fitting Instructions


  1. Place on ground
  2. Undo all connections (done up for storage)
  3. Hold so opening away and lever postioned at bottom


  1. Place chains over driving wheels so opening at bottom (where ground is) and lever facing outwards
  2. Roll car forward so opening now at side

    NB if front wheel drive, turn steering wheel for easier access doing up inside chain


  1. INSIDE CHAIN - End link onto clip only
  2. OUTSIDE CHAIN - Lever goes completely through the chain and pulls back onto self and then place in clip


  1. Feed lever up links to find required tension.

    NB if run out of links at front then put 2nd link onto clip at rear
  2. Chain is sufficiently tight only when red outer cable has less than one inch of up/down movement
  3. Drive forward 50 metres and recheck tightness


  1. 30 kms/hr maximum speed limit with chains on
  2. Listen out for sound of metal. Stop immediately and troubleshoot if metal sound heard
  3. Leave chains on at Lake Mountain if fitted going up. On return to Marysville take chains off at own discretion or at point of fitting area if haven't already done so prior to this.

    NB a wet road doesn't need chains on

Do not apply chains until directed by Lake Mountain Staff!

PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY and have a great day…